The Most Interesting Time-Waster in the World

No, I’m not talking about Sporcle. I’m not even talking about Angry Birds.  I’m talking about this website, a collection ambitiously titled “The Best Magazine Articles Ever.”  The list was compiled by reader submissions, and a top 25 was culled by tallying nominations.  It’s not hyperbolic to state that every single piece in the top 25 — as well as many others throughout the whole collection — is an essential must-read.

Outside of the top 25, the articles are organized chronologically by decade; although there’s even one submission from 1816, the list begins in earnest in the 1930s. Some of the articles are hidden behind a paywall, but many are not — including some of my favorites like “The Things That Carried Him,” “The Book of the Century,” “Pearls Before Breakfast,” and anything by Hamsterdam-header-guy David Foster Wallace.

So there you go.  Take a break from all those videos and expand your horizons.


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