Twitter Flush Friday

Welcome to an occasionally recurring, always lazy and uncreative feature I’m going to call “Twitter Flush Fridays” until one of my funnier Hamsterdam pals comes up with a better name. In this mildly entertaining fantastic voyage through the Twitterverse, I’m going to pick some interesting-looking trending topics from various locations, guess why they’re trending, then find out why they’re really trending and tell you, dear readers, which explanation is better and whether or not you should care. We like to tell you what to do around here, don’t we? (Don’t answer that!) Let’s get to it:

The Term: Rubberbandits

Where It’s Trending: Ireland

My Guess: Oh those crazy Irish! My guess is that a few lads were sitting around the pub drinking Guinness and eating stew or shepard’s pie or something one night and decided to terrorize Irish banks by rigging gigantic rubber band shooters and robbing them, then giving the money to poor widowed gingers who lost their houses in Ireland’s recent financial meltdown. The movie based on their story will obviously star Colin Farrell and that other Irish guy who was the big guy in Braveheart. James Cromwell will play the nearing-retirement, by-the-books cop who has a change of heart and lets the heroes get off Scot-free (bad choice of words) in the end.

Sample Tweet: @Lola_Dee F*** your Honda Civic, I’ve a horse outside!Rubberbandits for world domination! #Rubberbandits

The Real Reason: It’s a (NSFW) YouTube music video about guys picking up chicks at an Irish wedding by telling them they’ve got a horse outside and dissing Japanese cars. It might be hilarious, but I can’t tell because I can only understand about one word in ten through the Irish accents. I didn’t watch the whole thing but there were hot chicks with horses’ heads, guys wearing masks, and someone appeared to fling poo at one point.

Which is Better?: Honestly, I kind of talked myself into that movie idea. In the right hands (I’m thinking Danny Boyle) it might be good. 

Should You Care?: Unless you’re Irish and can actually understand what the hell is going on in that video, NO. And a special added tip: Don’t Google image search “old Irish woman” with the filter off.

The Term: #fatindiebands

Where It’s Trending: Worldwide

My Guess: WTF Keegs started a band?!?! Why didn’t he tell us so we can all not listen to it?

Sample Tweet: @DSoltendieck At the drive through #fatindiebands

The Real Reason: Apparently people are coming up with humorous food-related plays on indie bands’ names (see above, although does At The Drive-In still qualify as indie?).

Which is Better?: I’m always up for a good play on words, but the idea of Keegs fronting an indie band is too great to resist.

Should You Care?: Some of them are pretty good (Minus the Bearclaw, Bon-Bon Iver, Death Carb for Cutie). I’ll give this one a YES.

The Term: Fockers

Where It’s Trending: Australia

My Guess: Australian people love to curse (is that true? I just made it up. Wait, isn’t Mel Gibson pseudo-Australian? Definitely true) and have funny accents. I’m guessing this is just a bunch of Australian people cursing at each other over Twitter in their funny accents.

Sample Tweet: @Btrammz  Going to see Little Fockers on Christmas Day who comin with me 

The Real Reason: Apparently Australians are very excited for “Little Fockers” (soon to appear in a presumptive movie review near you, I presume). I guess the news that Robert Deniro has been mailing it in for the past 15 years hasn’t reached Down Under yet.

Which is Better?: I’m partial to my explanation. People with funny accents cursing at each other over the internet, in said funny accents, is a good look.

Should You Care?: I find it kind of interesting that only Australia seems to be excited about this movie. But then again, I find oatmeal interesting. So I’m going with NO.

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