The Sing Off: Committed, Nick Lachey collects unemployment, and Nicole being Nicole.

According to Lil’ Nicky, last night was musical history. As in his career is somewhat musical, and also history. Not sure what he’ll do until they start taping next season, but I bet it’ll involve sleeping in the dirt.

Holy Guacamole

Where was I?

Well, a quick summary for those who don’t watch the show:

In Season 2 of The Sing Off, I brought together talent from around the county and made them sing for all of you. And I named Three Mighty Judges to my expert panel!

  • Ben Folds, master of harmonics and geek humor
  • Shawn Stockman, vocalist extraordinaire and cheddar enthusiast
  • Nicole Scherzinger, woman

This was a revolutionary season – group after group lit up the stage with just their voices. It didn’t matter your race, age, gender, sexual orientation, Nicole would tell you how much each performance meant to her.

Street Corner Symphony: now featuring that really short guy

In related news, Committed won! The sweet-singin’, churchgoin’ guys from Alabama beat out the smooth sounds of Nashville’s Street Corner Symphony. Other close competitors include West Coast kids The Backbeats and distinguished a cappella HOFers Jerry Lawson & Talk of the Town. 

But no matter the outcome of this intense competition, one thing was clear: Nicole would make it about her.

Committed: Participants in Nicole’s speech

Turns out she is a one-woman wrecking ball of ego. Performance review always began with one of the following declarations:

  • I need to collect myself
  • Let me tell you how I feel
  • I am feeling that!
  • That reminds me of when I perform

7:1 odds that she was an only child (6:02).When television producers look back in 15 years to revive a concept that should’ve long been dead this pops up on Best Week Ever, please let no one forget the impact of Nicole Scherzinger on modern voter-driven singing shows. 

This was amazing television, and I hope the 40 year woman that reads this blog noticed as well. Hats off to Nicole for capturing the only member of the 25-49 male television audience not watching Monday Night Football. You knew you could do it.

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