College Football Picks: Week 2

What a great first week.  We had Robert Griffin III cementing his status as what we in the college football community refer to as “GOD.”

That's him on the right

And RGIII must have been angry at the Midwest last weekend because we got to see more games suspended due to bad weather since the dust bowl.  We saw Utah State come agonizingly close to beating the defending national champs.  And, most importantly we got to see Maryland debut uniforms that could best be described as “swagtastic.”

I can't get enough of this

Week 2 is still a little early to get into handicapping just based on the action we’ve seen so far, so what choice do we have but to throw money at games based on gut feelings?  Here are mine.  All lines courtesy of

Missouri at Arizona State (Friday)Missouri + 8.5. This is a “go against conventional wisdom” kind of pick.  Missouri didn’t look so hot against Miami of Ohio.  And now they’re on the road against a solid Arizona State team.  Conventional wisdom would say that Arizona State is the pick to cover the spread since Missouri looked so rough against a bad team on week 1.  But Las Vegas makes its living on people betting based on “conventional wisdom.”  Some teams need a rough first week to shake off the rust, I think Missouri bounces back this week and will keep this one close.

Boston College at Central Florida:  UNDER 44.  I couldn’t find any oil zone match-ups this week to take the over, but I like my “boston is the opposite of oil” theory.

San Diego State at Army:  SDSU -9.5.  San Diego State is one of the best mid-major teams in the nation this year.  Army is one of the worst teams in FBS.  I always feel a little dirty betting against service academies.  It’s like I’m helping America’s enemies.  Sorry, I don’t support the troops in this one.

Cincinnati at Tennessee:  Cincy +4.5.  Cincinnati is an under the radar team in my opinion, they could make some noise in the Big East.  That isn’t saying much, and Knoxville is a tough place to play.  But I think Cincinnati isn’t getting enough love here.

TCU at Air ForceAir Force +1.  RGIII (aka Zeus) made TCU’s once-vaunted defense look pretty Sisyphean.

I know I'm not using this correctly, but I don't know that many Greek myths

TCU is still a decent team but they’re clearly rebuilding this year.  Air Force is a borderline top 25 team and they’ll be fired up to kick TCU while they’re down.  Support the troops.  Maybe I’m not as much of an American hating communist as originally thought, eh?

FREE MONEY LOCK OF THE WEEKAlabama at Penn StateAlabama -10.  Alabama is very good.  Penn State is not very good.  It’s as simple as that.  Even if this line is seemingly too good to be true (see the “conventional wisdom” discussion above), it is just hard to conceive Alabama not winning by more than 10.  Joe Paterno will have no impact on this game because he won’t be coaching and hasn’t been coaching for years.  But I’d still like to try out my Joe Paterno material on you.  Joe Paterno has been coaching so long that President William Howard Taft played O-line for him as a youth.  Joe Paterno has been coaching so long that the NCAA once sanctioned him for Pony Expressing a player during a recruiting dead period.  Joe Paterno has been coaching so long that all this talk of Texas and Missouri breaking away has him nervously calling Henry Clay.

I read a history book just for this joke

Last week:  4-2

Season:  4-2

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2 Responses to College Football Picks: Week 2

  1. I’m really disappointed there is no line for FCS matchups. I would like to put money on The Citadel, assuming we would be getting 30 points. It’s a home game, so that’s why the line wouldn’t be +40.

    Also, I don’t gamble, but if I did, I think I would bet on TCU. Never bet against a team just because RG3 made them look mortal. After all, he isn’t.

  2. JDawg says:

    Joe Paterno’s been coaching so long that EliTerp played against him

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