College Football Picks: Week 3

Things are starting to get interesting.  A lot of teams are done with their work-outs against low level teams and there’s a lot of high profile match-ups this week. Even more importantly, I have a chance at redemption.  I was on the wrong side of some blow-outs last week.  Both in gambling and at the wedding reception I attended Saturday night.  I’ll let you figure out for yourselves what, if anything, that double entendre means.

While you consider it, here’s my picks (all lines courtesy of

Boise State at Toledo (Friday):  Toledo +20.  Boise looks once again to be a potential “BCS buster.”  [I hate that term]  Toledo is a MAC team.  No contest, right?  Well, probably.  Boise State, after years of being the feisty underdog, is now one of the big boys who has a huge target on their backs everywhere they go.  Toledo is no Boise State, but they’re a solid mid-major team.  This is their Super Bowl, they will hang around in this one.

Oklahoma State at Tulsa:  Oklahoma State -13.  Oklahoma State has scored 98 points through the first two weeks of the season.  I don’t know much about Tulsa, but I can’t see them slowing down or outscoring Oklahoma State. I’m a little nervous that I’m picking so many road teams…

Colorado State at Colorado:  Colorado State +7.  That’s right, another road team.  But this is a rivalry game!  Everyone in Colorado knows you throw out the record books when these two take the field.  Really, it just seems like Colorado is a very bad team so I don’t think they should ever be favored.

Stanford at ArizonaStanford -9.5.  Stanford is led by DEMI-GOD Andrew Luck.  Arizona  seems like a middle of the road Pac-12 team so they could keep this one close, but their defense is bad enough that Stanford should be able to keep the lead in double digits.

Ohio State at Miami:  THE Ohio State University +2.5.  Two programs in turmoil.  But both have a lot on the line:  the winner gets to continue showering players with illicit gifts and free tattoos.  Miami is starting Jacory Harris and I think he’s terrible.

FREE MONEY LOCK OF THE WEEKWest Virginia at MarylandWVU +2.  It’s no secret that I’m a Maryland homer and my feelings towards West Virginia are offensive and disorganized.  My heart really wants me to pick Maryland here.  We are coming off an emotional win and will have a rowdy crowd ready for this quasi-rivalry game.

But I think this is bad match-up for my Terps, our defensive personnel isn’t built to handle an offense like WVU’s.  On the other hand, rising GOD Danny O’Brien should be able to help our offense score plenty of points in their own right.  Special teams could be the difference as speedster Tavon Austin gives his hometown school fits.  I HATE people who bet against their own teams, by the way, but I have a really bad feeling about this one for the swagtastic boys in black.  I feel dirty.

Wow, FIVE road teams.  I didn’t do this on purpose, but it just seemed to me that the fine folks in Vegas were undervaluing some good teams just because they’re on the road.  Or maybe it’s that they are overvaluing home field advantage.   Don’t think about it, just go with it.

Last week:  3-3

Season Total:  7-5

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One Response to College Football Picks: Week 3

  1. The Colorado State-Colorado game is actually being played in Denver, so it’s technically a neutral-site game.

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