College Football Picks: Week 4

I can’t seem to get over the hump.  .500 the last two weeks.  I need to be inspired, I need divine intervention, I need to turn to a higher power…

The response is “RGIII, hear our prayer.”
For the football powers of the Big 12, may they escape the tyranny of Texas and the Longhorn Network.  RGIII, hear our prayer.  For West Virginia University, may someone, somewhere, someday want them in their super-conference.  RGIII, hear our prayer.  For the Boston College Eagles, may their fans find the appropriate antidepressant for dealing with a loss to Duke.  RGIII, hear our prayer.   And for my picks this week, may they be as accurate as RGIII’s arm and as strong as his desire to win.  RGIII, hear our prayer.  All lines courtesy of

Rice at Baylor:  We offer you this sacrifice of owls, that you may show favor on us.  Baylor -20.5.

Oklahoma State at Texas A&M:  The fewest amount of points Oklahoma State has scored so far this season is 37.  Texas A&M has not allowed more than 14.  Something has to give when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object.  At least in sports. A&M is on a mission to leave the Big 12 for the SEC with as many middle finger victories as they can, I give them the edge in this one.  Texas A&M -4.5.

Notre Dame at Pittsburgh:  Notre Dame came into this season like they always do, with an overinflated sense of self-worth.  But Pittsburgh is really a team in disarray.  They’re still working out the kinks in their newly-installed offense.  Even worse, their defense has struggled to contain the likes of Buffalo and Maine (not to mention Iowa, who they blew a 21 point lead to last week).  I’m not high on the Irish, but I’m even not higher on the Panthers.  Notre Dame -7.

Florida State at Clemson:  I liked this game a lot better when it was the Bowden Bowl and Bobby would let Tommy win.  Clemson looks pretty legit this year.  FSU lost a tough one to Oklahoma, but there’s no shame in that.  I think they bounce back this week.  FSU +3.

Louisiana State at West Virginia:  Objectively, this could be a very close game and the ‘Eers could pull the upset.  But I can’t be objective.  I hate West Virginia University.  I hate their colors.  I hate their stadium.  I hate their jorts wearing, mullet having, couch burning, wood-paneled living room owning fans.  I want them to lose this one badly.  I want their fans to suffer.  I want Morgantown to burn.  I want Dana Holgerson to be arrested for creating a disturbance in a casino.  It’s a homer pick, but I think my raw hatred is going to will LSU to victory.  LSU -5.5.

FREE MONEY LOCK OF THE WEEKOregon at Arizona:  Arizona is really bad.  They have not beaten an FBS team since October 30, 2010.  Their offense is struggling with injuries.  And their defense is worse than SB1070.

Oregon is going to do whatever it is that Ducks do when they smell blood in the water.  Oregon -14.5.

Last week: 3-3

Season: 10-8

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One Response to College Football Picks: Week 4

  1. nomnomnomics says:

    West Virginia will burn whether it’s a win or a loss. It’s just a question of whether to upgrade from gasoline to tiki torch fuel.

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