College Football Picks: Week 7

We’re at the halfway point of the season, but there’s still plenty of questions left to be answered.  Can anyone stop Russell Wilson?  Which of the undefeated teams is a fraud and which is legit?  Will there be a Big East conference next season?

Go to to understand this. Seriously, it's hilarious.

These things are out of our hands though.  All we can do is watch the games, and gamble away our unemployment checks.  All lines courtesy of

Baylor at Texas A&M:  Big 12 over/unders have been the only thing consistently kind to me this season.  There will be a lot of points in this one, A&M has a good offense and RGIII scores more than Clint Eastwood on Oscar night.  (sorry I just saw a commercial for J Edgar).  OVER 75.5.

Brigham Young at Oregon State: BYU isn’t great this year, but they’re still a solid team.  Oregon State is not a solid team.  They don’t have much of a home field advantage in Corvallis, either.  They lost to Sacramento State to open the season.  I consider myself a pretty obsessive and knowledgeable sports fan, and I still had to look up what Sacramento State’s mascot is (Hornets).  Take the Cougars.   BYU +2.5

Louisiana State at Tennessee:  I’m done underestimating LSU.  Les Miles is still a terrible coach and it will somehow cost them the national title, but not yet.  It wouldn’t be painful enough for their fans yet.  They will sail up to Neyland Stadium and roll the Vols this week.  LSU -17

Kansas State at Texas Tech: No one has been giving Kansas State any respect, especially not me.  They are 5-0 and are only ranked #17.  They opened the season with wins over Kent State and Eastern Kentucky and everyone yawned.  They won at Miami and people still didn’t pay them much mind.  Then in successive weeks they beat Baylor and Missouri.   Texas Tech isn’t bad, but it’s time for Kansas State to actually be favored.  Kansas State +3.5

South Florida at Connecticut: South Florida is unranked and yet somehow still overrated.  Uconn isn’t very good, but 8 points is too much for USF on the road here.  Uconn +8

FREE MONEY LOCK OF THE WEEKPurdue at Penn State:  Purdue is bad.  They are under-the-radar bad because they’re in the same conference as Minnesota, who is Jack and Jill bad.


Penn State isn’t great, but they’re a respectable mid-level Big 10 team and play well at home.  They roll.  Penn State -11.5

Last week:  1-5

Season Total:  16-19-1

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