College Football Picks: Week 8

Most of the nation is finally experiencing “football” weather.  What does that mean?  Cold, rainy, windy, and dreary.

Back in September when everything was all sundresses and slip-n-slides, tailgating was the obvious choice over sitting inside, probably alone, watching football.  At least that choice is obvious if you aren’t anti-social.

But now that the weather is less generous, you might be able to lure people in to your abode to eat your nachos and watch your gambling related anxiety attacks.  All lines courtesy of

Washington at Stanford:  I’m a little ticked off this game is at 8 pm.  Both teams are undefeated in the Pac-12 and Andrew Luck is the presumptive #1 pick in next year’s NFL draft.  That makes it perfect for the late night Pac-12 slot, not a prime time slot!  Both of these teams love scoring points and they aren’t fond of defense.  OVER 62.5

Maryland at Florida State:  This is the weekly homer pick.  Maryland isn’t very good.  Although we hung a lot of points on Clemson with newly-minted starting quarterback CJ Brown, the offense has been inconsistent.  The defense and special teams are still striving for inconsistent.  Despite that, I think 18 points is way too much here.  Florida State is decent, but I think the CJ Brown Experience will score enough points to keep this from being a total blowout.  Maryland +18

Kansas State at Kansas:  As I’ve pointed out a few times on this very blog, Kansas State is getting less respect than former Ukranian prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko.

Go ahead, google her. I can wait

They’re still undefeated and are at the fringe of the top 10.  They’re headed on the road this week from the middle of nowhere to another place in the middle of nowhere.  The Jayhawks suck.  Easy cover for K-State, right?  Well, I think this could be the proverbial trap game for the Wildcats.  Next week the Sooners are coming to Manhattan, and I think the Jayhawks might catch the Wildcats sleeping here.  So to continue the theme of disrespecting Kansas State, I’m taking Kansas +10.5

Utah at Cal:  Does anyone else have to keep reminding themselves that Utah is in the Pac-12?  Every week I have a split second where I think “wait, why…..ohhhhh yeah.”  These are both middle of the road teams with identical records, but I think Utah is better than their record would have you think and Cal is worse.  The line is taking into account what Vegas thinks home field advantage was worth.  But all of Cal’s students are out occupying places, so their home field advantage will be weakened.  Utah +1.5

Wisconsin at Michigan State: Wisconsin is looking like a legit contender, but this is their first game on the road all season.  Michigan State is looking pretty good.  This line is just close enough that Wisconsin is a tempting play, but I’m going the other way here.  I think Russell Wilson will look like a mere mortal outside the friendly confines of Madison.  Michigan State +7

FREE MONEY LOCK OF THE WEEK:  North Carolina State at Virginia: NC State is struggling with injuries, Virginia really looks to be rising.  NC State’s run defense is awful.  In fact most of what they do is awful.  But Virginia’s running game is very potent.


Virginia -5.5

Last week: 5-1

Season Total:  21-20-1

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