Biggest Loser Episode 6: Halloween Hotness (Trick or Meat)

Welcome, and beware to all that enter this frighteningly spooktacular look back on Episode 6 (six) (VI) of this season’s Biggest Loser.

Just like our standard bearer for all things Episode VI, Return of the Jedi, we feel like the previous episode will forever be considered much, much more watchable. In case you hadn’t noticed, this week’s theme is Halloween. Prepare to soil your pants twice over, first with fright, then with delight.

Would bob for apple.

This week’s secondary theme is One for All. You guessed it – the contestants are working as a team. Collectively, they have but one goal: lose 100 pounds, and everyone is safe. Less than that, and only the Biggest Loser for the week will be safe. Allison, dressed up as Bride of Frankenstein, drops a horrific Temptation: Halloween Candy! For every pound consumed, the team gets a pound advantage on the scale. Having plowed through several handfuls of fun-sized Halloween candy myself, I can see how this could be considered a good idea.

As One for All, the trainers get to spend time with all contestants: Dolvett trains the men on the Black team, Bob takes members of both Red and Blue, and Anna takes a mix of Black and Red. Of course, at least one person during these switch-ups always loses it. This week, it’s Jennifer (39), who starts freaking out when she doesn’t get a training session with Bob. Let’s see…unwillingness to work…stress from the trainer switch…I think I know someone’s going to struggle this week. Bob meanwhile makes Vinny (27) his pet project, getting him running on a treadmill at 9.5mph. Have you ever seen a 370 pound gazelle? Me neither, but if there was one, I’d put money on Vinny catching it.

A sexy gazelle.

During the trainer switch, John (40) spills his guts to Dolvett, and it turns out they have a lot in common. They both have experienced adoptions in their life – Dolvett was adopted as a kid, and John recently adopted a really good attitude, which is paying off immensely. ‘attaboy.

The scariest thing on this week’s episode? Ramon (27) and Jessica (26) are a couple! It turns out they’re really good for each other, in that they’re both stuck in the house with a limited amount of people and sometimes you need to burn a few extra calories with your clothes off. The love talk is making it tough to keep all this candy down. And it’s sure to cause tension in later episodes.

Easy there, kids.

Challenge: Halloween Apple Maze.

Contestants have 10 minutes to gather as many apples as possible. If they can gather 150 pounds of apples, they get 5 pounds off the scale at the weigh-in; if they get 200 pounds, they get 10 pounds. A 5-pound disadvantage awaits the team if anyone is stuck in there after 10 minutes. Somehow everyone gets out at time, and they hit the 200 pound mark. Like 1st grade teeball or a trip through an elaborate spanking machine, everyone wins.

Last chance workout: the trainers bring some buckets of candy in for weight. Bob makes Jessica carry Antone (44) (370 pounds), then Anna makes her talk about her relationship with Ramon. Ugh, relationship talk. It would probably be less painful to carry Antone, honestly.


At the weigh in, Sunny (41) gains a staggering 5 pounds and throws a real wrench into any chance of reaching the collective target. Jennifer (39) loses 4 pounds and confesses that she doesn’t function well without Bob, or with people in general. Bonnie (63) puts up a mighty 1, as does Becky (51). Jessica brings up the rear with 4. For those scoring at home, the women lost 5 pounds. For those that aren’t, here is your chance: take one of these girls home tonight, because self esteem is probably rock-bottom.

Jessica loses 4 pounds but maintains that the “relationships” she has formed will keep her safe. Ramon, sounds like you’re getting played, brotha. Anna calls out Ramon and Jessica on their relationship, setting up some serious conflict for next week. Anna, you done angered the beast.

Never mess with a nerd and his first girlfriend.

At the vote, Jennifer gets all three votes from Red and then 3 votes from her own teammates. Black on Black crime if I’ve ever seen it (and I haven’t!).

Sizing up the Meat:

John’s determination, drive, and recent opening up make him a big threat to go far in this competition. Aside from that, his crawling out of a tub full of ice was definitely an eye-opener. 101 pounds down and looking might fine, John! With Courtney and Jennifer eliminated in back-to-back weeks, I give the female Meat nod to Jessica, who has quietly slimmed down to 209 and is looking better and better.

Shameless Product Placement: Jennie-O turkey sausage.

It's not made of a bird. It's made of multiple birds.

Vinny, Jessica, and Ramon enter the kitchen and talk shit to the candy while espousing the deliciousness of a certain sausage. Wrapping is highly visible, as is the level of tackiness.

Kicked the candy bucket: Jennifer (Week 6)

Very excited for next week, as Ramon and Jessica are primed for some serious anger towards Anna. Also in the forecast: Tropical Depression Bonnie. Wear a poncho and tune in.

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