College Football Picks: Week 14

The end of the regular season is upon us.  And what a wild ride it has been.  It seems like this last weekend is always feast or famine.  All of those conference championship games are going to be exciting and close with some upsets that throw the BCS into chaos….or they’ll all be boring blow-outs that will make the craigslist seat-fillers want to commit suicide (i.e. how Maryland fans feel every week).  Let’s hope it is the former.  All lines courtesy of

Ohio at Northern Illinois (in Detroit) (Friday) (MAC Championship) (parenthesis):  Ohio and NIU are no strangers to the pressure cooker that is the MAC title game.  NIU lost a thriller last year to Miami, and Ohio lost a close one to Central Michigan the year before that.  These two teams are very evenly matched so this should be a good one.  Ohio will pull the upset.  Ohio +3

New Mexico at Boise State:  New Mexico is one of the worst teams in football.  Not just FBS.  ALL of football.  Boise is very good and is going to want to put on a good show to keep their scant hopes of a BCS game alive.  So this is going to be an epic blowout.  But the spread is just a LITTLE on the ridiculous side to me.  At some point Boise will take their foot off the gas and put in the walk-ons.  They can’t possibly cover this can they?  I’ve laid down the gauntlet, Broncos.  New Mexico +48.5

Texas at Baylor:  It’s so weird that the Big 12 doesn’t have a title game anymore.  It just doesn’t feel right.  Oklahoma-Oklahoma State basically operates like a title game, but it doesn’t have the all important Dr. Pepper sponsorship.  Anyways, in this mostly irrelevant game I think that Texas’ defense will bring RGIII and the Baylor offense down to earth a little bit.  I never thought I’d see the day, but UNDER 64

Georgia at Louisiana State (in Atlanta) (SEC Championship):  Obviously everyone will mainly be watching this game to see if Georgia can shock the world and really throw a wrench in the BCS title game picture.  LSU has gone through the southeast like a category 5 hurricane named General William Tecumseh Sherman.  So all signs should point to them continuing that trend in Atlanta, right?

"I burned Atlanta to the ground, so yes"

NO!  I have a hunch that LSU will either be looking ahead, or whatever cliche’ you want to use, and the Dawgs will finish closer than they should.  Georgia +13.5

Wisconsin at Michigan State (in Indianapolis) (Big Ten Championship):  What is not to love about a rematch of one of the best games of the season with a BCS berth on the line.  Neither of these teams lost in the month of November.  Everyone seems to be in love with Wisconsin all over again.  They may end up winning this one, but just like the game back in October I think Michigan State will be in it until the very end and may even pull the upset.  Michigan State +9.5

FREE MONEY LOCK OF THE WEEK:  Virginia Tech at Clemson (in Charlotte) (ACC Championship):  First off, I’d like to say how happy I am that the ACC Championship is again in Charlotte, where it belongs. The decision to have it in Florida, just like the decision to put Miami and Florida State in separate divisions, was short-sighted and misguided.  So we got this:

NEVER AGAIN!  Clemson really fell apart down the stretch, didn’t they?  And no one is surprised.  Virginia Tech has crept up the rankings by beating up on the weak ACC competition and having teams in front of them lose.  They’re not as good as their ranking.  But it seems clear that they’re the class of the ACC this season.  They’re a much better team than the one that lost to Clemson early in the year, and Clemson seems worse.  The Hokies will take a trip to a BCS game yet again and they’ll do it easily.  VT -6.5

Last week:  3-3

Season Total: 39-38-1


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