The Bachelor Power Rankings: Week 3

This week took us to San Francisco

I want a one on one date with Becky Katsopolis

This week’s highlights:

-Emily and Ben climb the bay Bridge for their one on one date.  Walking single file up a giant slope with a girl who is scared out of her mind is a pretty great idea for a date.  Up next, lunch in a shark cage!

They have sharks in San Francisco

-Ben and 11 girls go skiing in bikinis.  Ben described this as a “leap list” date.  “Leap list” is not an actual expression.  It was created for a marketing campaign for the Honda CRV.  But hey, I’d be a shameless corporate skill too if it got me near Kacie B in her bikini.  She earns high marks in my book for successfully skiing down the hill backwards and bending over.

-After Brittney goes home (more on that later), Ben and Lindzi have a one on one around San Francisco.  They break into city hall where Matt Nathanson gives a concert just for the two of them.  Which is double the amount of people at a normal Matt Nathanson concert.  Then they went to a speakeasy.  Turns out I am a total square for not knowing that those still existed.  Probably because I use the word “square.”

-Shawntel arrives at the cocktail party and wants to join the show.  Apparently women off the street can just show up and enter the running.  This was pretty cheap on the part of ABC.  The girls react with tears that ranged in volume from fire hose to Niagara Falls.

-Ericka passes out at the rose ceremony.  I don’t think she was drunk either.

Best Moment:  Ben on the ladies’ reaction to Shawntel’s arrival: “I trust these women can handle themselves, I hope they’ll be gracious and welcoming.”  This guy really knows women.

Worst Moment:  Brittney pulls a Lebron James. Some guys commit fouls or avoid getting the ball so that they don’t have to face any pressure in important moments.  They’re afraid of the 4th quarter.  That was Brittney.  She got her chance to get into the big game when she got a date card, and she threw in the towel.  Over-used sports analogies aside, why come on the show if you’re going to dip out before you’ve even had a date?

Power Rankings:

6.  Emily (PhD Student, 27)

She had a good one on one date with Ben.  Obviously we only see what the people editing see fit to show us, but it seemed pretty boring to me.  I didn’t see a spark like I’ve seen like some others.  But I think he probably will like her enough to keep her around for the time being.

5.  Blakely (Hooters, 34)

She didn’t do much this episode except complain that the girls hate her.  She still has her rack so she maintains this position, but I’m not bullish on her future.

4.  Nicki (Dental Hygienist, 26)

She is simply adorable, I think she is going to skyrocket up these rankings when she finally gets a one on one with Ben.  She has the right combination of attractiveness, neediness, and instability to really go places in this show.

3.  Lindzi (Business Development Manager, 27)

She had a great one on one with Ben.  I think she also has some undercover craziness that could really make her shine.  For example, she claims she was dumped by a longtime boyfriend via a text that said “welcome to dumpsville, population: you.”  No one would break-up using such a rude and unoriginal text unless the textee had it coming.  She also has horses.  Keep your eye on her.

2.  Courtney (Model, 28)

She continued her trolling of the other women, and it is starting to get to some of them.  Ben also told her that hes stuck on her.  Then he made the very romantic move of pointing out that JFK had a secret sex room in the hotel, and then taking her in there.  That shows commitment.

1.  Kacie B (Administrative Assistant, 24)

She skied backwards and bending over down a hill while wearing her bikini.  Other than that, she and Ben still clearly have a great connection.  She’s in this for the long haul.

Bold Prediction: Courtney and Blakely are both hated by the other girls.  I think they team up next week and start to destabilize the competition.  The claws haven’t come out yet, but they will be in someone’s back by the end of the next episode.

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