Clerihew: NBA Free Agency Edition

Because nothing says NBA quite like early 20th century-inspired whimsy. Besides, limericks are so 1997. Here’s a look at some notable July signings.

1. Deron Williams – Brooklyn Nets (5 years, $98 million)

Deron Williams
The word is mum’s
So just sit back silently
As your bank account grows violently.

2. Steve Nash –  Los Angeles Lakers (3 Years, $25 million)

Here, Kobe Bryant takes some time to participate in the Big Brothers program.

Steve Nash
Made a Los Angeles dash
He left Phoenix
But took time to toy with the Knicks.

3. Ray Allen – Miami Heat (3 years, $10 million)

If you can’t beat ’em, beat your former teammates.

Ray Allen
You could fill a whole gallon
with the teardrops that will reach
from Beantown to South Beach.

4. Jeremy Lin – Houston Rockets (3 years, $25 million)

I’m taking my talents to a city of fat people.

Jeremy Lin
equals Knicks win?
Houston didn’t find it funny
And broke out the big money.

5.  Nicolas Batum (4 years, $46.5 million)

It’s quite rude to point, good sir.

Nicolas Batum
One can presume
Will be a star at the Rose Garden,
and better long-term than James Harden.

6. JaVale McGee – Denver Nuggets (4 years, $44 million)

Are you not entertained?

Javale McGee
A pleasure to watch,
If you’ve been hitting the scotch.

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