The Ten Kinds of Yelp Reviewers

Every time I go to Yelp to find a restaurant, car place or prison (article highlight: “They have juice boxes! If you’re going to get arrested, do it in Arlington County.”), I always come to the same conclusion. I always learn far more about the Yelp reviewer than about the place they’re reviewing.

Since Rip has long been a fan of Yelp reviews that begin at least six days before the dining experience in question occurred, we decided to join forces to identify the ten kinds of people who write Yelp reviews.

10. The Backstory Guy

backstory guy

9. The Wannabe Foodie


8. The Person Who Doesn’t Realize that They Are the Problem

They Are the Problem

7. The Easily Impressed Guy

Easily Impressed

6. The Unnecessary Reviewer

taco bell

5. The Person Who Did Not Understand What the Restaurant Was

cuban versus mexican

4. The Person Who Doesn’t Get the Star System

doesn't get star system

3. The Person With Unreasonably High Expectations

unreasonably high expectations

2. The Person Who Judges Restaurants Based on Anything Else That Happened That Day

anything else that happened

1. The Person Who Didn’t Even Eat There

didn't eat there

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