The Bachelorette Recap and Power Rankings: Finale (Part Two) (Chris and Drew)

Previously, on The Bachelorette: Des gave her heart to Brooks, and he wiped his ass with it.  Will Des find love?  Will Drew and Chris win her over, or be left hanging?  Will anyone ride that catamaran?

Why does this always happen to me? I just feel broken

Why does this always happen to me? I just feel broken

Chris Harrison sits down with Des, and she’s still broken up. “I just want to go home, to be honest.” Des recognizes that she has two “great guys” here, and says she doesn’t want to hurt them. It’s hard to see an outcome where you don’t hurt them at this point, Des.

At the rose ceremony, Des tells the guys that Brooks decided to leave. She barely holds back tears while telling them that she wants to keep them around, but only if they want to be there. She offers them both roses, and they both accept. Both seem like they are still happy to be there, but in their minds they have to know it’s never good when a girl is hung up on an ex, right?

She decides to go on dates with Drew and Chris.  Drew is up first, and they horseback ride to a beach.  Des decides to break things off with Drew right there on the picturesque beach.  Drew takes it surprisingly well.  Maybe he is in shock, or just very practiced at being stoic, but that was creepy how he was able to show no emotion. You’re a stand up guy, Drew.  But they don’t give trophies for being stand up guys.  This is not a time to be classy, this is a time to go down in flames with both middle fingers in the air.

Also, between the wasted catamaran and the wasted whatever came after horses on that date, we are really being robbed of good date ideas.

-So is Chris about to get the boot too?  They are starting the date..IT’S A CATAMARAN!!

Why does this always happen to me? I just feel broken


The date seems to go well, in that she isn’t ending it prematurely to send Chris home. They’re doing a lot of kissing too. Maybe Chris has a chance? Or is the catamaran just an aphrodisiac that will fade when they get back to shore?

Afterwards, Chris provides Des with a leatherbound journal that includes the poems he’s written for her and some other romantic quotes. I’ll say that is a BOSS move.

Like a boss

It’s time to meet the family. Des brings Chris to meet mom, dad, and evil brother. Evil brother gives Chris the third degree, and he seems to handle the interrogation well.

Drew gets permission from Des’ dad to propose, so here we go…

Chris arrives, professes his love to Des, and just as he is getting ready to bend the knee….Des interrupts him. Chris almost has a coronary, but Des tells him that she has sent Drew home and that everything that’s happened has caused her to realize that she loved him all along.  He proposes, she says yes.  Wow.  I honestly didn’t think she would come around so soon after the Brooks rejection.  I’ve been a big fan of Chris all along, so I hope for his sake that she is legit about this.  I also hope the walls of his heart are still intact after that proposal interruption.


Des and Chris still claim to be engaged.

Brooks comes back, and Des asks him some “hard questions.”  See, here’s the thing, Des.  If you’re really over Brooks, you shouldn’t have any hard questions.  You should be saying that it worked out the way it should have, best of luck to you, friendo.  Instead she is trying to pick apart his story like a scorned lover.  Brooks says he’s happy for Chris and Des.  There’s a claim of no regrets all around

Drew is here.  He’s in a much sharper suit than Brooks. He says he was heart-broken but that he isn’t angry.  Come on, Drew, get mad!

So what’s the final verdict on Chris and Des? As it is a reality show romance, presumptively you have to think it is going to fail.  The “she loved Brooks until he rejected her” element is another potential dagger.  In their favor, I’ll say that neither of them seem like fame-seeking whores, unlike Sean, Ben, Courtney, Emily, etc.  They’re supposedly moving to Seattle, so they will be out of the spotlight.  Maybe they have a chance.  He’d better have a lot of poems in his back pocket just in case.

-The next Bachelor is announced:  Juan Pablo! This could be interesting.  Juan Pablo is a dreamboat by anyone’s standards, but can he carry an entire TV show himself?  Well, I guess we have no choice but to find out.

Thanks for following along for another season.  I tried to review for the right reasons every week.   Rest assured I’ll spend the next few months preparing to ride along with Juan Pablo in January.

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