The Bachelorette Recap and Power Rankings: Week 6

Tonight we’re in Venice



Venice is one of the world’s most historically important, unique, and romantic cities, thanks to it being featured in the 2003 film “The Italian Job.”

-The first one-on-one date goes to Nick. There is some mild controversy as Cody has yet to get a one-on-one and he is left to lift in his solitude.

Andi and Nick go on a GONDOLAING AROUND date. They have a few discussions about last week’s tension where the other guys had a lot of tension with Nick. Andi asks Nick if he considers himself a frontrunner. He says that he feels fortunate to have a good connection with her. Andi started off the conversation with her skeptical frown fish face

Andi mad

But by the end he had transformed her to a smile

andi happy

He tells her that he is falling in love. Andi tells him that all of her concerns have
been addressed, they don masks to go dancing, and Nick gets the rose.

-6 guys go on a group date.

Andi takes them into a castle and tells them they’e going to be subjected to lie detector tests. Once again a group date turns into torture porn for Andi. It seems like most of the guys decide that honesty is the best policy and they answer the questions genuinely rather than trying to game the machine.  Dylan offers several seemingly embarrassing answers, like that he doesn’t wash his hands after using the bathroom, and mysteriously gets sick and goes back to the hotel.  But Andi ends up ripping up the results, so Dylan and his urine-soaked hands were freaking out over nothing.

At the party later, Marcus drops the LOVE bomb and they do some furious making out. Brian gives Andi a fake lie detector test of his own and also gets some furious making out. Josh says to Andi that he thinks relationships are about trust, so he was offended that she brought out a lie detector. Things got really tense, and Andi is upset. She doesn’t realize
that Josh was just mad because of what happened when he was asked if he was currently employed:

lie detector

Chris confesses that he is the “secret admirer” that has been sending Andi love notes, and it makes her feel better about the debacle of Josh’s terrible attitude. Chris gets the rose.

JJ has a meltdown after Chris gets the rose because other people were congratulating Chris. Chris is offended, not without justification. We get it, JJ, you wish you got the rose. So do all of the other guys. But there’s no point in crying over ruined pants. Maybe you would have gotten the rose if you hadn’t confused everyone by wearing shorts instead of pants.

-Cody finally gets his one-on-one. They are going to the city of Verona, the setting of Romeo and Juliet. Cody is pretty much an expert on Romeo and Juliet. He thought Leonardo Di Caprio’s performance was masterful. Cody says he’s ready to be Andi’s Romeo. That play definitely would have been a lot different if Romeo could have just ripped off Tybalt’s arms and beat him to death with them.

They go to some weird place where people drop anonymous love notes and they respond to a few of them. Cody writes a poignant response to one and gets very emotional about it.

Later, my ABC affiliate decided to offer potential spoilers for the end of this date


Cody reads a love note to Andi and really opens up about his feelings for her. Andi’s body language is awful, and Cody’s rant turns into more of a desperate plea to keep him in the game. The problem is that she has developed pretty strong relationships with a few guys already while Cody has been a group date mainstay. It’s too late for him to get back in the
game. So she is going to send him home now rather than lead him on and hurt him later. Probably the best move for both parties. Cody handles it with class, but he’s disappointed. You seem alright, Cody. You’ll find the Claire Danes to your Leonardo DiCaprio someday.  But for now you have to find your way home


-At the cocktail party, Nick steals Andi first. Andi considers that to be the BOSS MOVE OF THE WEEK. The other guys consider that to be the JACKASS MOVE OF THE WEEK.  Nick has more enemies than Edward Norton in the Italian Job at this point.

Rose Ceremony: JJ gets sent home.  JJ definitely had no shot at winning, I’m mildly disappointed he’s going home now though because he seemed to be growing more insane by the week and he was ready to finally snap.

Best Moment:  Due to the polygraph operator’s Italian accent, when he asked the guys if they had ever fought in public they all thought that he said “fart.”

Worst Moment:  As they put on their masks to go dance, Nick said that he had been “masking” his love for Andi.  I’m finally seeing why the other guys hate Nick so much.

Right/Wrong Reasons Tally: 12



5.  Brian (Who cares, 27)

Not much to say here.  Doesn’t seem like a bad dude, he’s just falling too far behind the leaders to stay in the game for much longer.

Josh M

4.  Josh (Proven Liar, 29)

I can’t figure out if Josh is dumb, evil, or both.  Josh freaking out about the lie detector test probably torpedoed his chances.  Andi was already a little wary of him, and he raised all of the red flags by getting so defensive about the lie detector when the other guys were having fun with it.  He’s going to have a hard time recovering from that, but it should be really funny to watch him try.


3.  Marcus (Sports Medicine Manager, 25)

Marcus is definitely in the top tier, but now that we’re down to the final 6 he needs to raise his game.

Nick V

2. Nick (Front runner, 31)

Nick atoned for all of the sins of last week.  None of the other guys like him, and he does not give a single fuck.  Not only does he have a shot to win, but he has a shot to provide great entertainment as he continues eliminating his hated rivals.


1. Chris (Farmer, 32)

Chris was Andi’s favorite this week.  He revealed that he was the “secret admirer” and helped her feel better after Josh and his angry, Satan-like face confused her.  He also put JJ in his place when he started freaking out.  That alone makes him alright in my book.

BOLD PREDICTION:   Dylan’s refusal to wash his hands finally catches up with him as he develops pink eye and salmonella and has to watch from his hotel room as the other guys go on whatever embarrassing torture Andi calls a date.

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