The Bachelorette Recap and Power Rankings: Week 10

This week, the men tell all.  Oftentimes this is boring, but with all the fireworks this season, I’m hoping for some solid entertainment.


The show starts off with a confrontation between the guys and Ian.  Ian is the Princeton-educated man who referred to the other guys as shallow and stupid and said that he thought Kaitlyn was just a “surface level” person who only wants to go on TV and make out with dudes.

Several of those very same dudes have an issue with Ian.  They say that he was always cooped up in his room and never made much of an attempt to get to know them, so it isn’t fair to call them stupid/shallow.  Eh, I have never met any of the dudes on this show and I’m pretty comfortable calling them stupid and shallow.

Corey (who?) says- I think your assessment of Kaitlyn as “disgraceful” was spot on.

Ben H says to Corey- “How long were you on this show again?”  Legitimate laugh out loud moment from me because that’s a pretty solid take down.

Ian stands up, takes off his jacket, and gets down on his knees to apologize to the guys and to America.  That was really strange and uncomfortable.  Princeton has never been more embarrassed.

-The subject that everyone obviously wants to talk about is Nick.  Chris Harrison goes into debate moderator mode: Should she have even come on the show if she was interested in dating Nick?  Or, if she’s really here to find love, isn’t it appropriate that she brought Nick on the show?  The guys seem split on this crucial issue.

Every year on these “tell all” shows there is always some nobody who got eliminated in the first few episodes who talks more than anyone else.  This year it’s Corey.  It’s really annoying because no one gives a shit about Corey and since he got eliminated pretty early on in the show he probably has the same info that all of us have as viewers.  STFU


-There’s the usual parade of losers on the hot seat getting interviewed by Chris Harrison about their feelings. Pretty boring. Normally these segments provide something worth talking about, but with this season it was so obvious that Nick was going to clear the field when he showed up that there wasn’t much drama for folks like Ben Z and Jared.

Ben H is the only interesting one because it’s obvious he is the next Bachelor unless some people start coming forward saying that he makes Bill Cosby or Chris Harrison look like they have normal sexual proclivities.

-Finally Kaitlyn comes out to sit in the hot seat.

Kaitlyn says she has received a lot of abuse and hate, even death threats, during this season on social media.  Ironic that social media brought her Nick and is now taking away so much more. Much of the derision is focused on slut-shaming her, which is pretty shitty. She’s an adult woman in the dating world, she can sleep with whomever she wants. As I’ve said all along: People shouldn’t be angry with her for having sex.  They should be angry with her for having sex with Nick. But people always miss the forest for the trees.

The guys confront Kaitlyn about her decision to bring Nick on the show mid-season. Kaitlyn agrees it was unfair, but ultimately her response is basically:     ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Kaitlyn and Chris Harrison say it is sexist to criticize her for some of the decisions she made, but then Kaitlyn and Chris Harrison make a  lot of gay jokes about JJ and Clint so it seems like mixed messaging in terms of “let’s be PC” department.   Ian gets on his knees again in front of Kaitlyn and she resists the urge to make a gay joke about that too.  Then the show ends.  For as “controversial” as this season was, that was a pretty boring “Men Tell All.”

FINAL PREDICTION:  Nick has been the frontrunner since he inexplicably joined this show.  Within 2 minutes of him being on air, Kaitlyn was giggling like an idiot and making out with him.  I think Shawn had a shot, but Nick got in his head and caused him to have a series of cascading meltdowns.  Nick is a master-level troll and Shawn was not up to the task of taking that on.  There will be some drama because Kaitlyn’s family will point out to her that Nick is terrible, but it has to be Nick.

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