The Bachelor Recap and Power Rankings: Week 3

More dates, more thinning of the herd.  Still in LA

la gear

Lauren B gets the first date of the day. Lauren is a flight attendant, so for her date Ben is taking her..on a plane.  To make her more comfortable Ben will let her explain how seatbelts work and angrily sneer at her when she tells him that drink service hasn’t started yet.  Lame to take her on a date related to what she does all day.  I’d hate if I went on this show and the bachelorette took me on a date to create twitter aliases to hate-tweet Chris Harrison.

They get in an old biplane and go on a tour of the Los Angeles area. They piss off the other women by buzzing the Bachelor mansion and skywriting “Right Reasons” over Chris Harrison’s shed. They also do a lot of making out and not a lot of looking at scenery, totally wasting the biplane.

They land in a remote area where Ben has a hot tub waiting. Would have been more impressive if he had a hot tub on the plane. They have dinner and get a private concert. That seemed like it went very well, they go together like biplanes and cropdusting. Lauren gets the rose.

-For the group date, Ben and 12 ladies head to the LA Coliseum- once and future home of the LA Rams!  They will be dishonoring the memory of the Rams by playing soccer.  They’re joined by two women from the US National team, including the second hottest woman on the planet- Alex Morgan

alex morgan

Second only to Jade

While Ben runs game on Alex, the women are divided into teams to compete for extra time with Ben.  Unlike some previous bachelors, Ben actually does send the losing team home.


Chris Harrison in a nutshell

At the party for the winner, the girls are mad that Olivia immediately went to get one on one time and some of the other women immediately started talking about her appearance. Her apparently weird toes, her bad breath, etc. Jami rats them out to Olivia. Amber makes a move to finally pull Ben aside and make out with him and Amber gets the rose.

-Jubilee gets the final one on one date of the week.  Jubilee was extremely excited for the date, but then acted very uninterested when Ben showed up. I think she was just trying to neg him, the other girls aren’t happy.

They helicopter to a luxury health spa and end up in a hot tub, this seems like a recurring trend. They make out and have some awkward conversation, so later Ben decides to get deeper with her and ask about growing up in Haiti and how she ended up here. She lets him know that her whole family died when she was younger and that’s why she has not wanted to go back to Haiti. Ben says she seems like a strong person and he wants to get to know her more so Jubilee gets the rose. Tough to say how that went, Ben said all the right things but he obviously had to give her the rose when she said she was an orphan.

Cocktail Party

Before the cocktail party, Ben tells them that some family friends from home passed away in a plane crash and that he is still going forward with everything but he is in a somber mood. Capturing the mood perfectly, Olivia pulls him aside to talk about how she is self-conscious about her cankles. I don’t know if there’s ever a good time to talk about cankle anxiety, but this was certainly not it.

Others decide to focus on making him feel better.  Jubilee gives him a massage, which is a BOSS move if I’ve ever seen one. The only thing that could mess that up is if Olivia walked by with her cankles.

The massage causes a lot of the women to get pissed and they try to confront Jubilee, but she runs away. A massage doesn’t seem like a great reason to attack her to me, and by doing so they just made her seem even more sympathetic to Ben because he felt like the others were ganging up on her.

Just prior to the rose ceremony, Lace decides to go home. “Like my tattoo says, you can’t love someone until you love yourself.” Like MY tattoo says, “Get laid and get paid. Spring Break 2002”.  I hope Lace becomes a fixture on Bachelor in Paradise.

Running “Right Reasons” Tally: 1.  Ugh

You’re dead if you drank every time……Olivia ordered a new pair of shoes that will hide her toes for the rest of the season



6.  Amanda (Esthetician, 25)

Barely on screen this week but I think she still belongs to be ranked with the contenders.


5. JoJo (Real Estate Developer, 25)

Much like Amanda, I think she falls in the category of girls that Ben really likes but might be putting on the back burner while he tries to get to know some of the others.


4. Jubilee (Veteran, 24)

I see one of two options with Jubilee, both of which justify a high power ranking:  1. Ben really likes her genuineness [that’s a word?!?] and because she is not a bullshitter wannabe reality TV star like many of the people on this show, she is here to stay OR 2. The fact that she seems unsure of herself and is surrounded by fake reality TV stars, she is going to be driven insane and have an epic meltdown.


3. Caila (Software Sales, 24)

She also didn’t get much air time this week but you can’t convince me that she isn’t a contender.  She also cried when Ben left to go on a date.  That’s the kind of neediness that gets you places on this show.

Lauren B

2. Lauren B (Flight Attendant, 25)

They have a really obvious chemistry and she seems just not shallow enough to have Ben convinced they also have an emotional connection


1. Olivia (Cankles, 23)

Weird toes and cankles aside, Olivia remains the boss.  She is unapologetic about “stealing” time with Ben, and is starting to drive the other women to Lace levels of insanity about it.

BOLD PREDICTION: The twins that I thought would just be a one-note joke are still here and are providing funny commentary.  That will come to an end next week as Ben will pit them against each other in a thankless group date competition.  Sister vs. Sister. Thanksgiving will never be the same.

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