The Bachelor Recap and Power Rankings: Week 5

We’re leaving the country, time to figure out who has passports.  This week takes us to Mexico City.

man on fire

Guess they had to make sure they can get there and back before the wall goes up.

-Amanda gets the first one on one.

At 4:20 Ben decides to break into their hotel room and grab Amanda for their date. At 4:20 in Mexico you are supposed to be doing something else, bro.


He takes Amanda on a hot air balloon tour of Mexico City. Hey, with the election going on right now I don’t think there’s any shortage of hot air for those balloons, am I right??

Amanda says as a mother of two it is a strange feeling for her to be able to focus on herself and go on dates, so she is trying to get comfortable and be herself. I don’t think you have to be a mom to be uncomfortable when you are in a hot air balloon flying over a pyramid. At the very least it is uncomfortable that you are trying to have a romantic time when the balloon guy is there in the basket with you.

Amanda is worried that Ben will be scared off by her having been married before, but she tells him the whole story and Ben says he’s even more interested than ever and she gets the rose.

-The group date gets put in the middle of the show again like the middle child it is.  This time it is Ben and 9 women taking Spanish lessons.  Which really just means saying romantic expressions to each other in Spanish.   Jubilee was not on board because she didn’t like playing along in front of the others.

Then they have to cook Mexican food, and Olivia snags Ben to be on her team.  Poor planning by Ben to have an odd number of women on the date, because them being on a team together made the non-Olivia contestants feel less stable than Mexican democracy. There is a cooking contest, but there was nothing at stake so who gives a flying torta who won?

Afterwards, Ben takes turns talking to the girls, but they all start to meltdown when he takes Lauren B out for a long makeout session on the streets of the city.  Jubilee in particular feels offended, and refuses to hold Ben’s hand when it’s her turn to talk to him.  Ben tells her that things like that make him lose confidence in any feelings he has for her.  He doesn’t think it’d be fair to ask her to stay on the show when he feels that way.

Jubilee goes home, Olivia gets the group date rose.  The other girls start melting down like…cheese on an enchilada?  I’m hungry.

-Lauren H gets her first one on one.  They go to one of Mexico City’s famous fashion design studios.  Lauren is excited to try on the clothes, until she finds out that she has to walk the floor with the fashion models.  Does this count as a WALKING AROUND date, or just a WALKING BACK AND FORTH date?  Lauren does pretty well on the catwalk except she blinks A LOT.  Either the camera flashes were getting to her or blinking helped her keep from throwing up with nervousness.

Ben is a little concerned that he and Lauren are stuck in the friend zone.  But at dinner she tells Ben that she was in a long term relationship that ended when she found out he was cheating on her with multiple women.  That was traumatizing, but she decided to choose to be happy and not let it drag her down.  Ben was kind of getting a friend zone vibe from Lauren, but that conversation of personal tragedy is what convinces him that she is here for the right reasons.  Lauren H gets the rose.

Cocktail Party

While Ben is stealing some valuable one on one makeout time, the other women have small talk about Amanda’s kids.  Olivia says “I feel like this is an episode of Teen Mom that I watch.”

teen mom

Olivia has come across as one of the most immature women on the show this year, maybe it’s because she is one of the youngest (I don’t know if this is true or not, probably should since I list their ages in every post). And this moment really exemplified that. She wasn’t trying to insult Amanda, she seemed like she thought that would be a good common ground- “Oh, you have kids and I’ve seen Teen Mom.”

Everyone sees the comment as pretty weird and insulting.  And not even accurate.  Amanda didn’t have kids until her 20s, so by definition she was never a teen mom.  That’s just simple math, Olivia.  Olivia realizes she just stuck one of her weird feet into her huge mouth and tries to backtrack, but the damage is done.

Emily tells Ben that Olivia is causing a lot of drama and that she made the Teen Mom comment. Ben, unlike perhaps every Bachelor before him, doesn’t immediately go and confront Olivia but instead talks to her and acts like he doesn’t know anything is wrong.  He asks Olivia how things are with the other women and Olivia says…


He gave her just enough rope to hang herself.  It’s like a parent who knows you were up past your bedtime blogging who asks what time you went to bed, so when you are dishonest they show you the time stamp and you know you aren’t getting dessert for a while.

Ben hears some more about Olivia from the other contestants and decides to pull her aside prior to the rose ceremony….and we get a cliffhanger.  I’ll say this for Teen Mom, it doesn’t pull bullshit cliffhangers.

No rose ceremony, no power rankings.  I know that is a controversial stance, but I have to stick by it.

You’re dead if you drank every time……someone said “Viva Mexico!”  I guess the producers wanted to make sure they got that in there a few times, but it was excessive.  Are they going to do this every time they go to a new country?

Running “right reasons” tally:  I think we’re up to 3.  There’s been more seasons of Teen Mom than there have been “right reasons” this year.

BOLD PREDICTION:  I’m not doing rankings, but there’s a clear tier of contenders and a clear tier of women who are on the outside looking in right now.  Ben showed tonight that he isn’t afraid to send someone home early, with Jubilee and Olivia (presumably) going.  I think we see more of the same next week with at least one girl getting the boot before the rose ceremony.

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