The Bachelor Recap and Power Rankings: Week 8

Hometown week!  This week the tables are turned and Ben has to be the nervous idiot struggling to find the right words and sound interesting.  Unlike every other week?

First we head to Laguna Beach for Amanda’s hometown


The day starts off with meeting Amanda’s kids on the beach. Amanda says she is falling for Ben, but she can’t fall completely until she sees how he is with her kids. That’s a lot of pressure on Ben to not be stupid and boring.

They play on the beach and Ben seems to do ok (though his kite flying was pathetic), but it’s out of the frying pan and into the fire as he now has to go meet the rest of her family.

Amanda’s dad points out that it’s easy to play on the beach with some kids (he obviously didn’t see Ben struggling with the kite), but it’s a different matter when you have to parent day to day, a fair point. Amanda’s parents are a little skeptical that Ben would be ready to jump into parenting, but when they talk to Amanda and Ben they seem to be jumping on board with the idea. Amanda says Ben passed her test with flying colors (the type of flying colors that Ben failed to make fly with a kite) and she is falling in love.

Amanda’s Dad’s Mustache rating: 4/10. Weak.  Don’t know if that is going to get it done for her.


Portland is up next for Lauren’s hometown.

They go on a WALKING AROUND date of Portland. They go to a whiskey bar, which to me sounds like a GREAT idea for when you are just about to meet her parents for the first time.

Drunk on whiskey, they go to meet her parents, sister, brothers, and dog. Lauren’s sister asks Ben about his feelings for Lauren and he gets a little choked up. So he’s one of those drunks that cries. Ben tells her dad that “the world stopped” when he met Lauren, which sounds terrifying.

Lauren tells everyone that she is falling in love with Ben…except Ben.

Lauren’s dad’s mustache rating: 0/0. No wonder Lauren didn’t have the confidence to tell Ben about her true feelings.


Next is Caila’s hometown of Hudson, Ohio.  Caila moved around a lot when she was younger, but she says that Hudson actually felt like home because she came into her own after moving there in high school.  That is just a testament to how welcoming Ohio is, Caila.

Caila then takes Ben to the toy store where her dad is the CEO and they design and build a toy house. Props to Caila’s dad for not outsourcing all these jobs #Trump

Caila’s mom tells her not to hesitate in telling him that she’s falling in love….but she hesitates and doesn’t tell him.

Caila’s dad’s mustache rating: 0/0. Notice that the two daughters whose dads were sans mustache chickened out on saying they were in love.


Finally we go to Dallas for JoJo.  JoJo arrives and gets a bouquet and love note from….Chad? It’s from her exboyfriend! Chad and Ben- two on one thunderdome date right now!

JoJo calls Chad to tell him he is irrelevant in her life and to get the fuck out. Ben arrives when she is still a little emotional, so he seems a little skeptical that she might be emotional about Chad (because who can truly get over Chad?) and not emotional about their relationship.

They go to meet JoJo’s parents, sister, and brothers.

JoJo’s brothers say that they are “really…really…REALLY attached” to their sister. Nothing wrong with being overprotective of your sister but there was a creepy undercurrent there. Ben tells the brothers that he can’t guarantee that JoJo is going to win, but that he feels like they’re in a good place. The brothers are skeptical and tell JoJo that they think Ben is full of shit. To JoJo’s brother’s credit, he voices his concern to Ben honestly that Ben sounds a little coached and doesn’t sound very genuine because he’s saying the same thing to other families.

JoJo’s dad’s mustache rating: 9/10. But will it be enough to overcome the skepticism of her brothers?

Rose Ceremony:  Lauren, Caila, and JoJo get roses.  Amanda goes home.  The mustache carried the day.  Once Olivia began to implode, these four were the obvious top contenders.

You’re dead if you drank every time……JoJo’s mom took a drink.  I’ve never gone shot for shot with a person on TV before and lost.



3.  JoJo (Chad’s true love, 24)

Ben and JoJo get along great, but I think she is just a bit behind the top 2.  The baggage of her sabotaging brothers and her extremely romantic ex-boyfriend Chad might weigh on Ben’s mind.


2.  Caila (Hometownless, 24)

Caila and Lauren are neck and neck, I have Caila just a bit below Lauren because Lauren is a little blander and I think Ben prefers bland

Lauren B

1.  Lauren (Whiskey, 25)

See above

BOLD PREDICTION:  It’s fantasy suite week next week.  I predict Ben will drop the gentlemanly facade and take full advantage of the opportunities that Chris Harrison presents to him.

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