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How a Skins fan deals with landing Robert Griffin III

Hey there, creeps! In case your twitter broke yesterday on the way to your google, you might have not heard the news, but the Redskins made headlines in the sports world with by throwing the kitchen sink at the St. … Continue reading

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News of the day delivered to you by well-photographed animals

News was made today, and you slept or worked through most if it. Here’s what happened while you didn’t.

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Things worth giving up for Lent

Readers, I have some sobering news for those of you going without alcohol for 40 days: Lent is upon us. I hope you got in your fair share of mild revelry at your local bar, because the next 6 weeks … Continue reading

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Scenarios from 1990s video games that I find rather plausible

Being one of the few people in the civilized world without an advanced gaming system, I miss out on a lot of the social aspects of video games, such as inviting people over to wiggle around in front of an … Continue reading

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Wisdom Teeth: An Epilogue

Note: In this thrilling follow-up to yesterday’s post, the writer regrets his naivety and is now eating all the yogurt he can stomach. Hamsterdanmarinos, I wanted to take this opportunity to publicly apologize. While I was out for the entirety … Continue reading

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Wisdom Teeth: You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here.

Well wisdom teeth, it’s been one hell of a ride. Today, I’ll be put under for an hour or so, have a small woman wedge herself into the headrest of my reclining chair, and lose a ton of face blood. … Continue reading

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Republican Primaries: What’s left to eat in the pantry? Edition

Hamsterdam is not just a blog about sports, food, and our own self-absorption . We occasionally take time to write about other self-absorbed, powerful people, and compare them to food. And today is looking brighter. The talk o’ the nation … Continue reading

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