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The 12 Days of Christmas, now available in Fun-Size

Season’s Greetings to readers out there. Over the years Christmas has gotten many a facelift thanks to commercialism and those nasty pagans. A lot of the traditions have gone by the wayside, such as the Calennig, or the burning of … Continue reading

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Calm down. “Happy Holidays” is not a hate crime.

Every year, Christians gather in their homes, pull down the shades, dim the lights and quietly celebrate the day that they have appropriated from the Pagans to honor the birth of their savior. They exchange token gifts, wrapped in plain … Continue reading

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How Not to Be the Worst Person on the Bus

I recently moved to Chicago, which is a great city, as evidenced by the fact that roughly 1 bajillion people have chosen to live here. And while I like the area and the people within it, I have found that … Continue reading

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In what cliche way should I freak out over turning 29?

Today is my birthday. While I don’t usually put a lot of emphasis on birthdays, for some reason turning 29 makes me feel anxious. Perhaps it’s the realization that I’m never going to be the youngest person to do something, … Continue reading

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Ten Men’s Halloween Costumes Guaranteed Not to Get You Laid

Unlike childbirth and lifting heavy objects using just our upper body strength, Halloween is one instance where women have it easier. Over the years, it has become acceptable to throw on some underwear, head to the bars and drunkenly explain … Continue reading

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Five Common Sayings We Should All Stop Misspelling

The prominence of online communication has revived a medium that was, in many ways, on its way out – the written word. With Facebook, Twitter, blogs and angry commenting in news forums, more and more people are expressing themselves through … Continue reading

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How to Be the Worst at Fantasy Football

This year marks my second year playing fantasy football and my first year caring about it. As a noob, I don’t have much advice about how to win in your fantasy football leagues, but I’ve learned quite a bit about … Continue reading

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