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Five Things Gay Marriage Is Not (Alternate Title: I cannot believe we’re still having this conversation)

Seriously? Seriously? Seriously. Today, a day in 2013, when we have 3D printers and Higgs boson particles and our phones are basically computers, people are still suggesting that allowing gay adults to marry each other will lead to polygamy, pedophilia … Continue reading

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A Note to My Republican Friends from Someone Who Understands

Hey guys, I know you’re a little bummed. So let’s start things out by looking at two sloths eating a single green bean. Cute, right? Feel a little better? Good. I know last night was rough for you. And I … Continue reading

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I’m beginning to think Todd Akin and his wife don’t actually know what “rape” is.

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Republican National Convention Drinking Game

Can you guys believe that the presidential election technically starts this week? Doesn’t it feel like it has been going on forever? And there are still months more of this? Does anyone else need a drink?

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Beyond the Etch A Sketch: Classic Toys I Want to See in the 2012 Campaign

Mitt Romney found himself in some hot water recently thanks to an unfortunate comment by an adviser.  Eric Fehrnstrom, one of Romney’s most trusted aides, said of the general election: “It’s almost like an Etch-a-Sketch – you can kind of … Continue reading

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Who Would Make the Most Entertaining Dark Horse Republican Candidate?

While Mitt Romney is still far and away the likeliest Republican nominee for the 2012 election, he’s got one major negative that worries both the media and the Republican party: he’s boring. There’s nothing about him that will inspire the … Continue reading

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News of the day delivered to you by well-photographed animals

News was made today, and you slept or worked through most if it. Here’s what happened while you didn’t.

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