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The Top (Bottom) 5 Things I’ve Done While Unemployed

I was laid-off last week.  I knew it was coming, so I looked it at as an opportunity:  I’d sign up for welfare and spend a little time relaxing before I got too bogged down in finding new work.  I’d … Continue reading

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Hint: I took the title, but instead of a normal “h”, I used a “sp”, thereby completely changing the meaning! Now doesn’t that just ruin your pants? I like to think of Hamsterdam as a miniature Italian Renaissance, a lunar … Continue reading

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Hipster Predictions: New trends for people who hated everything before it was cool to hate everything

Hey hipsters, I’ve got some bad news: You’ve gone mainstream. The above is from a show on ABC. That’s right, the same “ABC” that everyone’s heard of. That’s right, the same “everyone” you hate. Regular people are hopping on the … Continue reading

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Current Events: Fantasy Draft edition

With the economy slogging along and the jobs report looking as sad as that kid I just yelled at, the news recently has been anything but positive. It’s like you don’t even want to read the front page of that … Continue reading

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Five Reasons Why IKEA Can Go Straight to Hell

If you went to college, moved out of your parents’ house or at any point in your life have been too poor to buy a pre-assembled dresser, odds are you’ve purchased something from IKEA. And if not, well LA-DI-DA, Mr. … Continue reading

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Five Books that Make Their Readers Insufferable for Two Weeks

There are books that shape us. For better or worse, they make an impact on who we are and who we become. And sometimes, who we become in the immediate aftermath of reading them are assholes who won’t shut up … Continue reading

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Not as fun as I imagined: High School Reunions

…so I says to her, “What’s with the applause? I thought it was just the clap!” Oh hey there guy. I’m practicing a few lines to make sure I’m well versed for my upcoming high school reunion. It’s been 10 … Continue reading

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