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Five Things Gay Marriage Is Not (Alternate Title: I cannot believe we’re still having this conversation)

Seriously? Seriously? Seriously. Today, a day in 2013, when we have 3D printers and Higgs boson particles and our phones are basically computers, people are still suggesting that allowing gay adults to marry each other will lead to polygamy, pedophilia … Continue reading

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News of the day delivered to you by well-photographed animals

News was made today, and you slept or worked through most if it. Here’s what happened while you didn’t.

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An Open Letter to Rick Santorum

Hey buddy, How you doing? You feeling O.K.? Maybe you better sit down for this, because I’ve got some news. You see…it’s 2012. I know you think it’s 1953, and that you’ve just been seeing a lot of joke newspapers … Continue reading

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